mother seeks bride for son

I arrived in Athens yesterday, after a relatively smooth flight on British Airways with a stop in London, and I am already finding fodder for this blog. My family told me that there is a reality show in Greece called A Wife for My Son, in which women compete for marriage to a man looking for a wife – with the catch being that the man’s mother is involved in the selection process. If you don’t believe me, this is the website where you can sign up to compete for one of the sons. I have yet to watch the show, so I can’t say how serious it is yet, but just its existence suggests all kinds of things about Greek society and about how Greek mothers and wives are essentially interchangeable. I am also looking forward to watching Single Farmer Looking… The description on the show’s website says, roughly. “Ready to become protagonists, contemporary farmers want to make their dream come true and find a wife that is worth sharing their unique lifestyle with.” Half the population of Greece lives in Athens and the other half lives in villages in the countryside. It will be interesting to see how this urban/rural dichotomy plays out with the farmers and their potential wives in this show, especially since Greeks are so self-conscious about their modernity. More analysis to come.

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2 Responses to mother seeks bride for son

  1. Have you heard of this show in the States? It’s goals aren’t quite as serious I suppose, and I don’t think it’s very popular (not that I would know)… but I thought it was relevant to this post.

    • Lia says:

      Haha, yeah that show is sort of similar. Sadly I think the Greek one is more serious..though I’ll have to do some more investigating to know 🙂

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