petroula: 10% weather girl, 90% show girl

I was trying to do research for what I thought would be good and important topics to blog about — for example, the Greek Communist Party or racism against Albanians — and then I remembered this unbelievable thing I saw on television the other night. Special thanks to Debbie for saying it would make a good blog post.

The TV Channel Star doesn’t report the weather in the usual way. They have Petroula — a waif-like, non-Greek looking blonde — deliver the weather, usually 80% naked, with what can only be described as semi-naughty talk. She also talks in a frighteningly childlike pitch, the kind you hear in old Greek moviesĀ in which women are supposed to be obnoxious and tantalizing (or obnoxiously tantalizing?) at the same time.

Not that Star channel news even begins to border on serious (their news reports are usually on celebrities), but there is something so incredibly, fascinatingly weird about Petroula. I suppose I could translate what she says in this video, but it probably doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that her voice is whiny, and that she says she is going to be our new teacher and that she came from far away. I think it’s supposed to be a joke. It looks and smells like a joke, only I think everyone knows that it’s not actually joke. The real joke, probably, is that Petroula is firing up Greek men and thus getting them to watch the Star channel’s weather segment longer than they would otherwise.

As a bonus, I am including an Italian news clip on Petroula. Even the Italians can’t believe this.

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