some quick thoughts

I would like to quickly mention the murder of Greek journalist Socrates Giolias, not because I have any answers or much to offer on it, but because it’s disturbing and sad. Giolias, a radio journalist and blogger, was murdered at his home in Athens in a mafia-style hit involving men pretending to be security guards. It appears that his assassination may have been arranged by a terrorist group. It’s truly a scary thing when journalists start getting murdered. 

On a more mundane note related to my last post on the Greek publishing industry, someone pointed out to me that a high percentage of Americans aren’t reading books either. It’s a good point; I tried to find a hard statistic on it but the closest I could come to one was through a National Endowment of the Arts article saying something like 50% of Americans don’t read literature. It seems like Americans might read slightly more than Greeks, but not by much. Perhaps I took a biased view of the Greek reading statistics then…it could be that more Greeks read than I expected. That might explain why a day or so ago there were two people reading next to me on the Metro. I suppose the Greeks are proving me wrong. Anyway, if anyone has conflicting opinions or statistics, please do bring them up. They will keep me honest and on my feet.

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