all dressed up, but no gas to go

We’re supposed to head out to the Peloponnese tomorrow, but truck drivers are striking, which means they won’t be delivering gas. As I was coming home today, the bus I was on got stuck behind lines of cars waiting to get gas. Apparently, this strike is ‘open-ended’, so there’s no telling when it will end. I also heard another rumor that gas stations are going to join in. That’s Greece I suppose, somehow always managing to maximize inconvenience. Anyway, the point is I may not be able to post until next week, since I’ll be away on vacation. Or, we’ll be stranded somewhere and have to trek back to Athens, perhaps by foot or donkey, in which case, the next post may take longer than a week.

Just for kicks, I’m posting a Greek commercial that I and my Greek American acquaintances think is hilarious. It’s donkey themed.

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