how to earn $$$ and relieve an economic crisis

Julia Alexandratou -- Play as you are!

Athens is covered in billboards advertising the gambling website One of the billboards shows a guy with a swollen face and a black eye, another shows a man in a Zorro-esque hat. On the boards appear the words “Play as you are!”. The most common of these billboards shows Julia Alexandratou–a twenty-three year-old Greek model–doe-eyed, in a pink tank top with her name scrawled across it as if it was written by a five year-old. Seriously, this billboard is everywhere.

Alexandratou, who competed in Miss Star Hellas when she was younger, just came out of scandal here in Greece: She recently made a porn DVD that sold in Greek kiosks for a while, until it got pulled for ambiguous reasons. Before left the kiosks though, 240,000 copies of it sold in ten days, raking in about 5 million Euros.

Julia initially claimed that it was an amateur video released without permission, no doubt because she wanted to receive the money under the table. My dad told me he read that it was also labelled as ‘Educational Material’ so that it wouldn’t be taxed as much. The tax officials thought all this was a little strange and decided to investigate her anyway.

But Julia’s true success is that she managed to make at least a quarter million Greeks forget about their economic problems for a while and run out to buy her porno. As Greek politician George Karatzaferis said, “3,500 people came out to protest the harsh and cruel measures of the prime minister while 150,000 sped to buy the DVD of Julia Alexandratou.” Good job Julia!

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